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About R.R. Cassidy

Founded in 1975, R. R. Cassidy, Inc. combines over 45 years of field construction experience with specialized equipment to solve and execute any type of sub-surface and pole setting project. Our capabilities allow us to perform conventional work, but our focus and expertise are on the projects that present unique challenges.

Our Mission

To provide world class sub-surface and pole setting solutions to all clients in the electric power industry.

Our Vision

To leave a legacy of excellence.

Where We’ve Worked

We have worked in many locations throughout the southeast and midwest, and we’re always expanding to new regions.

Core Values

Safety – We will prioritize safety by mobilizing any necessary resources to ensure our people make it home safe every night.

Innovation – We will constantly seek out new and innovative ways to improve our work, our people, and our equipment.

Excellence in Craftsmanship – We commit to providing excellence in all tasks to ensure the highest value and quality to our customers.

Togetherness – We will form a cohesive unit that works collectively to accomplish our goals.

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